Our Full Service Concept

We offer a full service concept if desired.
In doing so, we consider innovative and efficient design, development, sourcing of materials & raw materials, primary and/or secondary packaging and finished product delivery.
Our professional team is ready to help you at any stage of your packaging process!


Environmental responsibility is a high priority for us. This is partly through compacting and separate disposal of waste, but also through the purchase of energy-efficient machines and the use of LED lighting in both factory and office. We are also happy to look with you at environmentally conscious packaging, such as the use of packaging materials that can be easily separated by the consumer.


Do you have a desired packaging in mind that does not yet exist? A packaging for which we need to develop new machinery or adapt our current machinery? Together with you, we will look at what is possible and see how we can package your product as efficiently as possible with the look you desire.


Are you looking for more than just the packaging of your products, but also, for example, the packaging itself? We can source materials suitable for your product. Think of ”special made” labels, outer boxes, retail packaging and foil types.


In our warehouse we have 2000 pallet spaces for the temporary storage of your pallets. We also have the possibility of providing conditioned storage.

Freight transportation

Besides packaging, the transport of your goods is in experienced hands with us. For us, transport does not only mean transport from A to B, but providing a complete service in which Tracking & Tracing must be conclusive. Based on your transport needs, we look at which partner we can provide you with. From sending 1 package to sending a full load both nationally and internationally.


Tracking en Tracing

From incoming pallets to outgoing pallets, everything is recorded by our system. Hereby we have stocks, updates for your production and quality checks available at all times. We ensure food safety control in the production and transport chain through optimal track and tracing registration.

Curious about the possibilities?

Be unburdened

We offer a full service concept if required. Hereby we think along for an innovative and efficient design and relieve you in the entire supply chain.