Meet our employees

Total Pack has a diverse team, with everyone contributing to the end result from start to finish. Meet some of our employees below.

Mission: We pack food and non-food products, both primary and secondary. We relieve our partners in different stages of the business process where flexibility and transparency are key.

Vision: We add value to our partners in terms of innovation, packaging knowledge & expertise and supply chain.

Our strength is

Fast, good and competitive

Total Pack is a company founded in 1998 from a service mindset. Many companies and industries (manufacturers, retail, logistics, marketing) regularly have activities that are not part of their core business. Total Pack then set itself the goal of unburdening its client by taking over these activities (temporarily or otherwise).

This means that in the field of secondary packaging we have built up a large and varied range of machinery. As a result, we can lend a helping hand in an extremely fast, flexible manner in an awful lot of activities.

For the first 15 years, these activities took place in Uden in a building with 3,000 meters of floor space. From 2011, there was a turnaround in the market partly due to the economic crisis.

Secondary packaging for the multinationals became less due to remediation of brands. This was due in part to the drive to reduce transportation costs, CO2 emission reductions and increased automation in manufacturing plants. This also made smaller runs easier to process.

To give our growth plans another boost, we decided to start offering a total concept to customers. We also started to focus on primary packaging. Total Pack moved to Oss in a building of 7,500 meters of floor space! We then invested in filling machines, packaging lines, compartmentalized areas, certifications and recruiting and training our own staff.

Total Pack now has 2 main pillars:
– Unburdening (throughout the supply chain)
– Adding value to products

With 25 years of knowledge, experience, quality consciousness and ambition of all our employees, we are very proud of our company. We are also proud to welcome and serve you as a customer/partner.

With our no-nonsense mentality, we dare to say with good reason:
Total Pack packs almost everything.

You can. That is our distinguishing feature.
A deal is a deal. Fast, good and competitive.
That is our strength!

We are happy to make your acquaintance!

Can we help you with your question?

We offer a full service concept if required. Hereby we think along for an innovative and efficient design, development, purchase of materials and raw materials, primary and/or secondary packaging up to the delivery of finished products. Would you like to see what our price would be for your packaging request? Then request a no-obligation quote!